IMT Des Moines /10-16-16


It’s time to hop in the car and head on up I-35 to Des Moines, Iowa for the IMT Des Moines Marathon.  The second part of the I-35 Challenge.  The glaring question when we hit the road.  Why does Missouri have so many mile marker signs?  (The things you notice when you have nothing else to do but eat gummy bears and drive!)  Lucky for you I googled it!  There are 5 mile marker signs per mile for 1,200 miles!!  The project cost the state $3.2 million.  Why do they need so many signs?  So that no matter where you are you can tell emergency personnel exactly where you are to speed up response time.  That’s dedication to public safety.


On our drive to Des Moines we also discovered the very best cinnamon roll destination in all of the world.  It’s in Lamoni, IA in the Amish Country Store.  It’s a must stop! You can also see people in buggies.  They’re truly Amish!


If awesome cinnamon rolls weren’t enough to make your day then meeting Jeff Galloway should.  We use his run/walk method for running.  I love it because it allows me to live life and still run half marathons.  Jeff was at the expo and he’s super nice.  OK, lets move on to race day!

We lined up in the fog hopping for nice flat roads.  That’s exactly what we got.  Thank you Des Moines for being flat.  I was a little surprised that for the size of this race there wasn’t more crowd support.  Not a lot of funny signs or free Hi-5s.  However there was BACON!!!

I’m pretty sure that whoever put out the bacon signs lied!  The distance from the last sign to the bacon was way more than a mile.  For the rest of the trip whenever something was taking too long we referred to it as a “bacon mile”.


The one really cool thing about this run, besides it being flat, is they have people riding on bikes for course support.  They are equipped with GU, tissues, Vaseline, water, Gatorade, and anything else someone might need.  We saw them helping lots of people.

You know I judge runs by their finish line food and I heard this race was pretty awesome.  Guess what?  It has taken over the #1 spot on my list!  They basically had food village!  Inside food village is pizza, cookies, milk, soup, barbecue sandwiches, sandwiches, chips and other yummies!  Holy cow!  I needed to run another half to work off all the food I ate after this half!  Good job, Des Moines on the food!

There’s nothing better than setting a goal, meeting the goal and celebrating with great friends.  It’s official I can now mark Iowa off my list.  #halfinfifty


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