Rock-n-Roll Las Vegas 11-13-16


This year I had to come to the reality that if my goal is to run a half marathon in all fifty states then there would have to be a few solo runs along the way.  So when the airfare was cheap I decided to book.  This time I would drag my husband along for the fun.  Seeing that he’s convinced that running is something you do only when being chased, he would go along for the fun and not the run.  This is my first experience with the Rock-N-Roll series.  You can’t go wrong when the run kicks off with a Snoop Dogg Concert.

Look around and you will notice two things.  First, there are a lot of people.  I heard there were 47,000!!!  Second, not many people are dressed up.  I chose Where’s Waldo for this race because I knew it was a big one and I like the thought of looking in the crowd to see Waldo.  When I choose costumes I try to pick one no one else will wear.  I like to be different.  That’s why I didn’t wear Elvis.  I thought everyone else would be wearing it.  There were only a handful and I tried to take my picture with all the ones I saw.

There are a few neat things about this race…it’s at night and you get to run on the strip.  That means there is lots to see especially with bands set up all along the route.  This is a good thing because of the size of the race it would be hard to run with someone.  There was a lot of weaving in out of “people” traffic along the route.

So how was the crowd support and the finish line food?  Since I was running by myself I’m really glad that I wore Waldo.  People stopped to take pictures and everyone would shout, “I found you!”  along the course.  That was a lot of fun.  So now lets talk about the finish line food.  I’m sad to say that I’ve had way better food at 5ks where I payed $20 to enter.  The finish line had the usual drinks such as water, Gatorade, and chocolate milk.  You also got a banana and a fruit cup and a bag that had a rice cake and a power bar.  And then there was…nothing.  That was it.  So sad.  Where’s the buffet?  At the end of the day my Garmin said I had traveled nearly 28 miles for the day.

I will say that they handle large crowds well.  They had Bathroom City at the starting line with different starting corrals and starting times.  Pick up for Gear Check was super easy.  They had UPS trucks lined up for each letter of the alphabet.  That’s probably why the finish line was nearly a half mile long.


The real story from this weekend was on our return trip home.  We went to the airport only to discover that the airport in Oklahoma was closed because of a shooting.  Since the shooter was a former Southwest employee shooting someone who still worked with the company, Southwest went ahead and cancelled all remaining flights to Oklahoma on that day.  This means we would spend another night in Las Vegas.  We stayed at the Luxor hotel and our room overlooked the empty lot where Snoop Dogg had performed just a few days earlier.  (This is also the location for the iHeart Music Village.)  Just like that, life moves on.  I can now mark Nevada off my list.  #halfinfifty



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