OKC Memorial Marathon

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I can’t say enough good things about the OKC Memorial Marathon.  I’ve run it since I started running half marathons in 2012.  The Memorial Marathon is to honor the 168 lives lost during the Murrah Building Bombing in 1995.  Funds raised go to help the Memorial Museum.  Banners are placed along the race course with the individual names of those lost and they start the race with 168 seconds of silence.  Imagine how intense it is when 24,000 stand in silence.  Every year I run to honor Miss Baylee Almon.  She was one of the children killed in the daycare center.  My husband was friends with the Almon family during that tragic time.  It’s an honor to know her family, it’s also heartbreaking to see how their hearts still ache year after year.


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OKC Memorial 2012   Mary's iphone 438   Mary's iphone 441


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