Strides of March 3-8-15


I like to call this race, “Hey Stupid…You have a fever!”  A majority of times I do dumb things because I’ve signed up for them.  This is one of those dumb times.  However I had a good reason.  This is my friend Angela.  She has never run a half marathon until today!  That was my good reason.  I convinced her she needed to do it because if she did and then she ran two more in the follow month then she could join the “Half Fanatics” with me.  There are some people who in a strange past life were runners.  She is one of those people.  She was originally training for the OKC Memorial Marathon to be her first half.  Instead she upped her runs and ran her first half nearly two months early.  Did I tell you she is crazy?  If I didn’t then I should have!  This girl is crazy and is always up for a fun challenge.  The morning of this run, I woke up with a fever.  I did what every normal person wouldn’t do.  I downed some meds and headed off to run 13.1 miles.  I felt horrible and I payed the price for it that night, when I was debating about going to the emergency room, and for the next 5 days!!!  Poor Angela, also got to celebrate her first half with a fever just a few days later.  Oops!  Luckily she enjoyed the run enough not to hate me forever for passing on my virus.  Strides of March is a great out and back run around Lake Draper.  It fits nicely in line with long runs preparing for the OKC Memorial Marathon.

IMG_7253    IMG_7267    IMG_7256


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