Williams Route 66 11-22-15

mary iphone 2015 008

Who’s ready for a little drive up the turnpike?  Hop on in and check out The Williams Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Whenever I see a list of the “must run marathons by state” I always check to see if the OKC Memorial Marathon is on that list because it is by far my favorite run.  I’m often surprised to see that The Williams Route 66 is the Oklahoma Marathon that makes the list.  I decided I needed to check it out to be able to compare the two runs.

mary iphone 2015 010     mary iphone 2015 011

Apparently someone thought we needed to turn up the AC in Oklahoma because we needed to do a little scraping of the windshield before we headed out to the run that morning!  Nothing gets your blood pumping like 30 degrees bright and early in the morning.  I should add the inventor of Hot Hands to my Christmas card list!  We should be friends!

mary iphone 2015 013    mary iphone 2015 012

The Route 66 Marathon is a beautiful course with fall trees and large houses and scenic “rolling hills”.  There were plenty of supporters with music and signs and lots of fun.  There was enough entertainment that it makes the run go by pretty fast and you can’t complain when you’re finishing off a race with a big bowl of spaghetti!

mary iphone 2015 016   mary iphone 2015 017

So who’s better…The OKC Memorial Marathon or the Williams Route 66 Marathon?  I think they are both races to put on your calendar.  I will always be partial to the OKC Memorial Marathon because of what it means and the people it honors.  I also think that there is no beating the Carl’s Jr. cheeseburger at the finish line.  The Williams Route 66 Marathon is there for the party.  I was offered more jello shots and beers on that race course than I was last New Year’s Eve.  It is totally a party race and people are there ready for the party.

I also want to give a shout out to the Half Fanatics!  This year it was my goal to complete enough half marathons to be able to join this club.  I am so glad I did!  If you are a Fanatic Member you get to enter a pre-race area with your own porta potties, snacks and gear check.  After the race we got to trade our medals for ones that said Half Fanatics, sit on couches and eat barbecue sandwiches.  Yeah baby!!!


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